Happy New Year!

January 15th, 2008

Ok, Ok- if any of you are still reading, then thank you! If you haven’t jumped ship during this three month hiatus, then I guess you are Baby or Bust’s most loyal fans. Shelton and I want to wish you a happy new year and hope that your holiday seasons were bright and merry and all that other fluffy stuff. We were very blessed this year with one of the best Christmas seasons we’ve enjoyed in quite some time. It’s true what they say- the giving is so much better than the receiving.

2007 as a whole was a great year for us, one we’ll remember fondly. While it began with the difficult decision to postpone our having a baby, it picked up from there. A major highlight was that we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Part of my absence from this site in the latter part of the year was due to some professional obligations. Between starting a new job, quitting an old and some traveling for the job, unfortunately Baby Or Bust was a tad neglected.

I maintained a freelance writing job during 2007 and toward November that part-time gig turned into a full-time job offer. It’s honestly one of those opportunities that doesn’t come along every day and the potential is enormous. So I giddily accepted, resigned my position at the cable company and have settled quite nicely into my new work-from-home job. I’m working with this amazing team of people and we’re taking on the web marketing world. There’s a huge learning curve for me- but they’re patient and I like to think I’m picking it up quickly. The company is based in NYC and I remain here in Wichita. What a deal, huh?! I get the sweet New York ad job and the Wichita cost of living.

Shelton continues to pursue his bachelor’s degree and recently received a quasi-promotion into an incredible program at his company. Both should wrap up in about two years leaving Shelton with more tools under his belt that he’ll know what to do with and making any employer very lucky if they can snag him. I am so proud of all he’s accomplishing.

Looking ahead for ‘08- still no babies. You’d be surprised, maybe, but it’s a subject that we discuss frequently. Neither of us can wait to be parents and start our family, but from this experience we’ve definitely learned that we want to be as prepared as possible. So for now, that means accelerating our careers, saving all that money we’re going to need and enjoying being a couple and continuing to lay that foundation. Both of our jobs are going to require A LOT of traveling this year. We keep joking that we’ll meet for lunch in airports. We should be airborn at least once a month.

Happy New Year again- and I’ll make a better point of getting on here to say hello.

– Brandi