Checking In

March 6th, 2007

I hope you are all enjoying this GORGEOUS! spring weather as much as we are. The tulip leaves haven broken through the soil in the front yard, I’ve been cleaning everything that will sit still, and while I’m not what you might call an “experienced” golfer, I’m itching to get out on the course.

By cleaning I mean gutting. I emptied my closet on Saturday and took out everything I haven’t looked at, worn or fit into in at least a year. Let me say, two more people could move into my closet now. It’s depressingly empty. I’m donating it all the local DAV. Hopefully someone there will find some better use of it than I. Now I need to get Shelton to do the same.

The biggest clean of all is the house. We’re selling it. (Yes, the ONE house that we own). You know, I love this house. It’s a dream. It has so much character and potential. But that’s the kicker- potential. We fell in love with what this house will be after we spend every penny we have (and then some) remodeling and fixing up. So we’re getting out of here. Hopefully someone will come along and love her potential as much as we did, and have the resources to do it. We would have, but there’s that whole “baby” thing. Haha! The best thing of all- we’ll move somewhere with carpet!! There is not one single stitch of carpet in this entire house. I thought I would like it, but I hate it. It’s impossible to keep clean and we will have wooden feet before we leave with all the splinters we get. So, with that appealing explanation- any offers?

I’ve finally settled into my new job. I started early January as a temp and I’m now making the transition to stay on permanently. I’m still in marketing. It’s a fantastic company that will afford me a lot of opportunities that the agency did not. I’m considering going after my masters degree since they’ll cover my tuition. We’ll see how that goes… I’ll have to take the GRE! I haven’t taken a test in nearly 3 years!

I have more news, but I’ll include that in its own post. Happy Spring everyone!