Under the Knife?

September 3rd, 2006

This entire summer my periods have been way off. And “way off” in this instance is defined by 10-15 days of unrelentless female hell.

Last month while at Dr. T’s, he thought there was a chance that a polyp had developed on my uterus. I asked if that had anything to do with my crazy cycle and he said possibly. He wanted me to go through one more month and see if it got any better, and to call at the end and report how it had gone.

At the end of my July (or August, I can’t keep track) period, I called in to let them know that this one had also hit the 15 day mark. The nurse said, well it says here in his notes that if you call in with a bad report that you’ve won a ticket to the operating room. He wanted to wait until my next period started to do the operation, and I was to call in once I started so they could schedule everything.

I made that call on Friday. So, being that it’s Labor Day weekend, I don’t imagine getting a call back any sooner than Tuesday. At that point I’ll know more about when and where.

Of course, no one looks forward to going to surgery. One, it’s expensive and so add this to the financial plate. Yay us! Two, there are always risks. But I’m confident in my doctor and having done this before, know what to expect. Three, the down time. But part of me is looking forward to a little forced down time. No excuses- just resting and getting better. And hopefully, an answer and an end to these horrid periods.

I will update you once I know more. In the meantime, I’m going to buy stock in the tampon company.