Share the Love

July 14th, 2006

We just received an E-mail about an our ago from a couple in Canada who is going through a similar situation. They have asked for help and we are happy to oblige. They have already gone through the IVF process once successfully, but unfortunately lost the pregnancy. Their next attempt is coming up in October and she is having a hard time finding the means. We have agreed to donate all internet donations made on Saturday, July 15th to them.

We have asked for proof of her situation and upon receipt and verification we will begin to share the love. Now, if this cannot be accommodated, then all funds will go back into the BabyorBust fund.

BabyorBust was founded on the idea that we could open people’s eyes to IVF and the expense and emotion that it brings with it. Our hope at the end is to continue accepting donations, along with any additional funds left over, in order to offer grants to other couples facing infertility. We look forward to helping so many more couples- and thank you for the overwhelming support we’ve received so far.

Together, we’re all going to make a huge difference.