Media Coverage

July 12th, 2006

I have some dear friends who work in PR and their names will soon be added to the Thank You page (Shakila and Shawn).

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from Wichita’s Fox News anchor Liz Collin wanting to do a story. She wanted to meet 45 minutes from the time of her call. Shelton wasn’t able to make it, I honestly had dirty hair and my house was a disaster- Sure, please come on over!

The interview went really well and I handled it better than expected. The story aired on the 9pm news last night on Fox. Thanks to Liz and Fox for doing the story and for all of those who stopped by “BOB”.

This afternoon we heard from KFDI radio here in Wichita and we’ll be on their morning show Friday at 6:40- so tune in if you’re awake.