So many people have helped make this site possible, and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude. For now, we hope they’ll settle for having their names splattered on the Internet.

Jeremy Sanchez- Site Designer
Jeremy and I graduated from OU together and he was the first person I called when we decided to pursue this site. He is a talented Web designer and owns Metaicon Design. Thank you for all your time, effort and ideas.

Gavin Peters- Photographer
Gavin is the photographer responsible for the photo on the home page. He is a nationally recognized photographer and took time out of a busy weekend to shoot that photo for us. Too bad he didn’t have better subjects.

Jim Crews- Ad Man
Jim and I also went to OU together. He purchased search ads on MSN. We received so much traffic from these clicks.

Matt, Clay & Rachel- Founders
This trio founded a community for parents to share advice on raising their children. It’s a wonderful community that has welcomed BabyOrBust with open arms.