Pregnancy Week 24

January 12th, 2010

Seriously, those weekly numbers might look like they’re getting bigger, but really they’re get smaller. SO MUCH SMALLER!!! Currently I’m in my 25th week and that means we’re 15 short weeks of meeting this little cutie. Someone hold me. And rub my gums with vodka… or cranberry juice… or both.

All kidding aside we’re both balls of nerves right now as we realize how close we are. We’re two weeks shy of the third trimester and I don’t feel any more prepared than I did two trimesters ago. Hold that thought, we have five pairs of newborn baby socks and a package of infant forks and spoons. I think we’re good! We’re so anxious to meet her and hold her and get this journey started with her, yet, I don’t think either of us has any idea what lies ahead of us. And I’m a super anal planner/organizer/etc. So my neurosis is kicking in as I try to wrap my brain around taking on the biggest event of both of our lives with little more than the knowledge that for girls you have to wipe front to back.

Week 24 was a very, very busy one. The beginning of the year is always an insane amount of work over there at my day job Tuesday’s Biggest Loser premiere meant I worked a 16 hour day (straight… I stopped for 30 minutes to eat dinner). No, that’s not my norm, and for good reason, I was an achy, crabby, sore, tired mush ball the next day. But sometimes it’s got to get done. The end of the week meant a house full of family and friends for our belated Christmas celebration. Four whole days of house guests, hosted meals and other shenanigans that was incredibly memorable, very fun and left me wiped out.

By Friday morning I woke up to find that I was spotting… again! I don’t even stress about this anymore. My nurse explained that it’s just the way my pregnancy is going. I’ve learned that it only happens when I’ve pushed too hard and my body is stressed and strained. It’s a literal red flag that I need to stop and/or slow down. And so I do. As much as I can. Because I’m a busy body and I’m incapable of letting the world pass by without me actively being a part of it. On Sunday we had a load of housework to do and the third of four hosted meals to prep for, and as I slowly shuffled around do this and doing that, Shelton basically told me to stop. He was amazing and stepped up to take care of the very long list I had in my head that day. I was a complete stress ball as I sat idly by watching and instructing, trying my hardest to just be still and relax. I did manage to have them “let me” snap green beans from the living room chair.

Other recent symptoms include the endless back pain. I got a huge yoga ball for Christmas and have converted this to a chair when necessary, and let me tell you, it’s a God send! It relieves so much pressure in my back, hips and even legs. Plus, I can get in a little exercise while I hang out on here, too! I still have bloody noses. Not sure if I mentioned this previously. I’ve been waking up with these for about a month now. Doc said it’s normal w/ pregnancy, not to mention the dry, cold winter air. We’ve cranked the humidifier in the house and I’m otherwise dealing. This is odd but I’ve also noticed that my fingers get pruney very quickly in the shower. As in, by the time I finish washing my hair (usually my first bathing task) my fingers are wrinkled. Not sure what that’s about.

Every few weeks I’ll look down or walk past a mirror and go “whoa! that belly is big!”, and this week was one of those. I swear it just happens over night. I look down the other day and this belly is bigger, rounder and firmer. I think the firmness is coming from the baby mostly, just the way she positions herself and moves I got these “walls” under my skin that can be somewhat uncomfortable. She found my bladder and has no qualms kicking it. It’s almost like that funny bone sensation in that it’s kind of indescribable and hurts but not really. It’s strange, and it makes me pee more!

Other than that everything is hunky dory and normal.