Mama Got a Massage

January 14th, 2010

Oh my word! I got an hour-long massage today and it was so good I almost cried. For Christmas I received two prenatal massages and I cashed in the first one this afternoon. (Meaning I’ve got another stellar rub down waiting for me!)

If you’ve been following at all you know that my back pain is probably the worst part of this pregnancy, and it just keeps getting worse. It’s agonizing, and has taught me that with all the furniture we have in this house, there is not one piece that is comfortable. In any position. At any time of day. Ever. At all.

Except my yoga ball, which Santa brought me. I sit on that thing all day and it relieves so much pressure in my back. (Plus, Tibet is scared to death of it so it’s kind of fun, in an evil way, to roll it at her!)

I explained all my aches and pains to my masseuse, a good friend too, and did she give every knot the attention it needed.

Last night was the most brutally sleepless night of my entire life. The Tylenol PM I took might as well have been a Skittle for all the value it added. I think I changed positions every 10 minutes the entire night. I’m hoping that I sleep very soundly tonight as I still savor my post-massage fog.