June 18th, 2010

Tonight was so perfect I wanted to capture it in a bottle. Instead, I rushed right in here to write it down before I forget.

Paisley isn’t feeling too well, she’s battling her first case of constipation. So it’s midnight, and she’s fussy. Usually she would have been in bed already for about three or four hours. At least it’s Friday night; we only have to be up early enough tomorrow not to miss out on the asparagus at the farmer’s market.

In an effort to help calm her down, and in dire need of a little bath myself, I got in to our shower and asked Shelton to bring her to me. The second the water hit her back she stopped fussing, and she didn’t make a single sound the entire 15 minutes she was in there with me. She never moved, never fussed, never even wiggled. Skin to skin, we stood there swaying with her pressed against my chest, her head laying sidewise with her tiny fist in her mouth, eyes wide open, and let the warm water rush over us.

It was perfect. I can’t even describe how perfect it was.

It just keeps getting better every single day.