The Baby Moved!

November 19th, 2009

Or I’m going to pretend that it did. The movement was so sudden, fleeting and slight that I thought maybe it was just gas. But then, I don’t get gas in that spot, so maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t. That was Monday.

I was trying my darndest to go to sleep, with Shelton snoring next to me of course. And there it was. As my mom likes to day, just a little flutter. I told Shelton the next morning and his response was “Yeah! Play time!”

It’s been quiet since then.

For some God forsaken reason I jumped up wide awake at 6a.m. (8 or 8:30 are my norm … I am NOT a morning person!) today! As I was lying there debating whether or not fighting myself back to sleep or to just go with it, there it was again. In the same spot, for the same fleeting second.

Definitely pretty cool! I can’t say I’m ready for the soccer match about to take place in my abdomen, but it is really nice to finally feel like I’m getting some communication from the other side.

And on that note….

Dear Baby (aka monster)-

We have rules in this house. They include not waking up until the sun has had its coffee and drifted into the eastern sky enough to fill the entire city with daylight and promises of love and fuzzy puppy kisses. Then, and only then, do we wake up. It’s no urban legend, your mom is a real bitch when she doesn’t. In fact, your father won’t even make eye contact with her before 10a.m. for fear of the eye-rolling and under-breath comments that will take place, not to mention the possibility of kicking, crying and/or screaming. I just thought if we could talk it out now, then maybe when you get here, after we’ve prepared for what equates to the house-guest-that-will-never-leave, you’d be kind enough to just start following these rules. There will be more rules, many more. For instance, you will not be allowed to eat 99% of the cereals at the grocery store (Why you’ll ask? Because they might as well fill those boxes with M&Ms and Oreos and tell you to pour skim milk on it as part of an immunity-boosting, balanced and healthy breakfast. Right.)

So with all the love in my heart, I ask you to let your mother sleep. And when you tap three times to say hello, do it ever so gently, steering clear of the bladder and ribs.


the mother