Pregnancy Week 22

December 28th, 2009

What a doozy of a week this was… again! I think I have pregnancy bi-polar disorder. PBPD, or Pib-Pid. It’s a self diagnosis. I had days this past week where I was so downright nasty and bitchy I didn’t want to be around myself. One day the dog wouldn’t even come in to my office. I threw pill bottles. Yelled at not one, but two, Walgreen’s clerks.

In one breath I could go from laughing and smiling and carrying on about how much I love ponies to crying and hissing and screaming. Do your hormones come in like the milk does? Do they just arrive? Whether they do or not, they did.

Fortunately, Christmas Eve rolled around and the Christmas spirit found me and my mood has been A-OK ever since. I don’t tend to get Christmas fever until Christmas Eve. Never have. I am most certainly not one of these people who decorates the house and has a tree lit by mid-November. No, I like to take on one holiday at a time. Get past Thanksgiving and then we’ll talk. Then I think the hub-bub of Christmas for weeks and weeks leaves me disinterested. But Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are certainly two of my favorite days of the year.

This year felt like an especially memorable one. In one way it was fun to have “baby on board” for our first pregnant Christmas. On the other we were saying farewell to Christmases with just the two of us. I was just bubbling over the fact that this time next year I get to play Santa. How cool will that be?!

The baby is definitely a mover and getting to be more so with each passing day. We have a bit of a schedule, early morning, noon and night. And then several encore presentations throughout the day. I absolutely love it. Can’t get enough. I think it’s the most fantastic thing I’ve ever experienced and I would do IVF over again if it meant feeling that little kick or roll just once. It makes this all the more real. I love that I can actually feel this little person growing inside of me. She will kick so hard sometimes that I can see my stomach moving. I feel really bad for Shelton though. She’ll be on a kicking rampage and I’ll say “Quick! Come feel.” The second he touches my stomach she stops cold and won’t move again.

My back pain has reached the threshold of hell. Nothing relieves the pain, believe me I’ve tried it. Mondays and Tuesdays I hurt the least because I do yoga on Monday. So I really need to get a DVD or something and continue doing yoga throughout the week.

I have lots of crazy pregnancy dreams. For instance, two nights ago, I dreamed that William Shatner was the father of my child. If only that came with a sizable Star Trek trust fund!