IVF Shots Day 13 – Stim Day 4

July 27th, 2009

BLAHHHHHHHHH. Yesterday sucked. (So far today’s not much better.) I was such a crab all day yesterday I was even getting on my own nerves. It didn’t help that the lasagna I’d spent all afternoon making ended up burned. I mean, underneath the rock-hard crunch layer was a pretty good lasagna. I was fuming I was so mad!!

We did have my mom over for dinner, and I served her the burned lasagna, and she pretended to like it so much she took some home. (Is that what moms do? Eat their kids’ burned lasagnas?) It was nice to have her over for a little bit. Maybe she was having an off day too because we just bitched and complained for an hour about this, that and the other. Shelton went downstairs and returned about half an hour later and said “God! Are you guys still bitching?” Yes, Shelton we were. And if you knew what was best, you’d go right back downstairs and stop asking questions.

Last night we started the Menopur. This one has been causing me anxiety because it’s like… chemistry lab or something! We have these powders and sodium chloride and it all has to be mixed and injected into this needle and then into that needle. Certainly more complicated than what we’ve been dealing with, but totally manageable. We’re scheduled to do that through Wednesday, but then I believe we’ll start penciling in our doses each day after that.

This. Headache. Will. Not. Go. Away. EVER!! Where are we, like day 7…8…9? I can’t keep track. All I know is that it’s like an inconvenient zit that not only won’t go away, but keeps getting bigger and more conspicuous all the time. I’ve simply stopped taking anything for it. Nothing works. I’m not a big “take medicine” person anyway, and considering all the stuff I’m on right now, if it’s not alleviating the problem then I’m just not going to worry about it.

I had a mini meltdown last night. Much like the others, out of the clear blue sky, completely unprovoked. I just start crying. Told Shelton I’m tired of doing this. I mean, really? I’ve had final exams that were worse than this has been. If you’d tried to tell me that last night, I’d have probably scratched out your eyes. It seemed completely rational at the time. This morning I’m thinking, what a drama queen! It could have also been that I was so tired all day long and, guess what, I didn’t REST or take a NAP or just CHILL OUT! Instead, I worked all day. I put in a full work day yesterday… working right up until bed time at 11pm. Shelton was a little peeved about that, reminding me that I need to rest.

So here we are, Monday morning and we’re starting our third week of shots. Here’s to hoping everything continues to trend toward the positive.

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