One More Baby

September 14th, 2008

It is raining babies around here! Our second niece was born recently, miss Emilee Delee. A very healthy 6 pounds, 8 ounces. She is beautiful, and looks just like her mama. We won’t get to meet her until next week and we’re very anxious to do so.

Shelton and I had a realization the other night, of the four “cousins” on the Koskie side of the family, we’re the only ones without kids. Sometimes it really sucks- a lot of conversations we can’t be a part of and just wanting to have “that” like they do. At the same time, we’re the only ones who get to sleep in on weekend mornings! I will say that I love being an aunt, it is so much fun. I am so in love with my nephew and nieces. I really enjoy watching Shelton interact with them. He’s so patient and a lot of fun to play with. Our nephew just climbs all over him and hangs from all his limbs like Shelton were a jungle-gym. And watching him hold our new month-old niece…. melt. my. heart.

We’ll get our turn. Because those kids definitely need more cousins to play with!